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The game is a Multiplayer Online Game that takes place in the future in space.   There are two races, Humans and Grays, that are fighting for control of the galaxy.  Currently the game consists of three sectors.  Each race has a “Home Sector”. The third sector, in the middle of the home sectors is called “Contested Space”.

In the home sectors there is no PvP, only PVE.  There are Pirates, and NPC assault ships of the opposite race for players to fight.  The pirates are lead by the Evil Billy B.  His pirates are in every zone and attack everyone on sight.  They have bases in every zone and a production lab for items at each one.  Players who successfully assault one of Billy B's bases will be rewarded with a crate of the item that was being produced.  However the items being produced are never the same twice.  Being such an evil organization they never disclose to outsiders what is being produced at any of the facilities.  The only thing that is known is that a level 1 facility will be producing level 1 items, level 2 facility level 2 items etc.

In order to successfully attack a Billy B. Lab players will need to team up to attack the lab.  The lab's are protected by at least 50 ships and depending on how well / poorly Billy's other battles are going the station can be protected by some of the largest ships in the game, but in most cases they are there to repair or rearm.

In the contested zone players can fight for control of a space station.  Once a space station is captured it then is un-attackable for 7 calendar days.  After 24 hours the space station will start production of its item (laser / rail gun / shield / engine / etc).  Each space station will produce a unique item, and that item will only be available from that station.
Once production has started only the race that controls the space station will be able to obtain the item.  After 7 days (8 days after it was taken over) the station will start producing the level 2's of the item.  Every week the station will jump up to the next level of the item.  However the lower level of the item will still be available for players that can't use the high level items.  Level 5 is the highest level for items the station will produce. If a station is controlled by the same race for 6 calendar months with no PvP action at it, then it will reset back to neutral.

Players that are destroyed by other players will have 1 item drop off their ship (engine / weapon / skill chip / etc) that can be picked up by the player that destroyed them.  Once that player is transported back to his home port he will have to pay a small fee to get their ship repaired (1% of the hull's base value) and this will also put back the item that was lost.  Players that are killed multiple times by the same player will not drop lootable equipment after the 2ed kill, the player will still be required to pay the repair bill though.

At neutral space stations the items are available to both races at 100 times the normal price. 

In the future there will be asteroids to mine and collect resources from to produce equipment at the space stations.

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