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The Space Battle:

Is an online game that takes place in the future in space. The battle is between two races that each have their own home sector. Each home sector is PvE, there are quests and many other things to do. In the middle of the two home sectors there is a sector called "Contested Space ". In the "Contested Space " players fight for control of individual space stations. Once in control of a space station the item produced by that space station will be available to the race that captured the station. The longer a space station is controlled the higher the level of items that are produced.

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What's  New

  • This website is going to be the public face of the game.  As time progresses we will be updating and changing the site to better reflect the game.
  • The server has been updated to allow for better traffic management and user location updating.

Key Milestones

  • User / NPC interaction
  • User / PC interaction
  • more ...

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